Our platelet shelves are currently empty after filling orders this morning. We are issuing a PLATELET PLEA and asking you to call 601-981-3232 today to schedule your platelet appointment. Platelet ... read more

Platelets Needed
Who needs platelets? Trauma patients Surgery patients Cancer patients How often can a donor give platelets? Every two weeks up to 24 times a year How long do platelet ... read more

Delta Blues & Heritage Festival
Sometimes donating blood takes you where you want to go. A.W. Watkins has never been to the Delta Blues Festival, but it's an event he's always wanted to attend. Thanks to his donation he won the pair ... read more

  Horatio Wells
  Horatio Wells Jackson, MS Premature Birth, Blood Recipient Thanks to Blood Donors, He Can Tackle Whatever Life Throws at Him When Ayana Wells went in for an emergency C-section, her infant ... read more

Rachel Talton-Watkins and grandson Kaidin
Rachel Talton-Watkins is 42 years old and suffers from sickle cell disease. Here is her story, what it’s like to live with a chronic illness, in her own words: "I was always sick as a chil ... read more

Edmya Turner
"Thanks to blood donors, I am mommy's little princess." Edmya Turner was born two months early, and needed blood when she was only four days old. Although her premature status has resulted ... read more

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