Our platelet shelves are currently empty after filling orders this morning. We are issuing a PLATELET PLEA and asking you to call 601-981-3232 today to schedule your platelet appointment. Platelet ... read more

Platelets Needed
Who needs platelets? Trauma patients Surgery patients Cancer patients How often can a donor give platelets? Every two weeks up to 24 times a year How long do platelet ... read more

Delta Blues & Heritage Festival
Sometimes donating blood takes you where you want to go. A.W. Watkins has never been to the Delta Blues Festival, but it's an event he's always wanted to attend. Thanks to his donation he won the pair ... read more

  Felder Sartin
Felder Sartin Bogue Chitto Acute lymphoblastic leukemia "I have a great appreciation now for blood donors", Jessica Sartin, Felder's mother, said. "Both my husband and I will be bloo ... read more

Jaden Nixon
Jaden Nixon Jackson, MS Sickle Cell Anemia "Without blood donors people with sickle cell disease would continue to have strokes" - Larry Nixon Jaden's Dad Dr. Larry Nixon and his wife De ... read more

Beyonce McCoy
  Who Needs Blood? Beyonce McCoy When you think of mobile blood drives, twelve-year-old girls rarely come to mind. However, Beyonce McCoy has been part of several. The Mississippi Blood Service ... read more

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