Donate Blood. Plant Trees. Save Lives.

The United States of America is in urgent need of regular and frequent blood donations across the country.  Blood Centers of America is taking action by developing a campaign involving 27 not-for-profit blood centers, who will start offering volunteer blood donors a chance to plant a tree.

Donate blood Monday, October 10 – Saturday, October 15 at our Flowood, Cleveland or Oxford center to sustain Mississippi’s blood supply and also a healthy environment.

MBS will donate a tree for every blood donation! Donors will be given a unique code to track their tree on a digital map. In addition, donors will receive a moss green recycled tote bag! While supplies last.

*Please note this promotion takes place October 10 – 14 at the Cleveland & Oxford center due to hours of operation.

You can visit to learn more about One Tree One Donation or with the links below:

MBS Tree Profile for One Tree One Donation

BCA Forestmatic Tree Campaign

Donor Tree Tracker

Call (601)368-2673 to schedule your appointment.  Walk-ins always welcome! 

Save time and complete your Donor History Questionnaire before your appointment.

(Must be completed same day of your donation)

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