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Double Red Cells

As a blood donor, you can double the impact of your donation by participating in what is called Double Red Blood Cell Collection. This approach enables donors to donate two units of red blood cells at one visit, saving time on paperwork, travel, phone calls and the number of finger sticks per year.

During a double red donation, whole blood is separated through a cell separator and red blood cells are collected. The remainder of the blood components are returned to the donor along with saline to replace the lost volume. Most donors are happy to know that a smaller needle is used and do not mind that the procedure takes approximately 15-20 minutes longer than a whole blood donation.

Because of the significant and ongoing need for red blood cells in our community, please consider a donation of double red blood cells. By donating exclusively red blood cells, you can help fulfill the transfusion needs of two patients.

You can donate double red cells every 16 weeks or 112 days.

There are some special requirements when you donate double red cells:

  • Donors must be in good health, be at least 16 years old and have a minimum hematocrit of 40%.
  • Males must weigh 130 pounds and be at least 5’1”,
  • Females must weigh 150 pounds and be at least 5’5".

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