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Know Your Type: O+

Understanding Your Blood Type

O+ is the most common blood type, which means that your type is transfused more than any other type and is always in demand.


Best Use of Your Blood Type

The best way to use your powerful lifesaving donation is by donating:

  • Whole Blood

    Can be donated every 56 days and takes approximately 10-15 minutes once connected.

  • Double Red Cells

    Can be donated every 112 days. Donor must meet different requirements and donation takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

  • Plasma

    Can be donated every 28 days. Plasma donations take 45 minutes to 1.5 hours once connected. Plasma is often used for burn victims, traumas, and during transplants.

Fast Facts

37.4% of the population is O+.

You can only receive red cells from type O+ and O-.

You can give red cells to O+, A+, B+, and AB+.

You can give platelets to people with type O+.

You can give plasma to people with type O+ and O-.

Human blood in storage

How to Max Your Type

There’s more than one way to give blood. Let your blood type lead the way in targeting the best way for you to donate your powerful lifesaving gift.

Whole Blood Donations

When you donate Whole Blood, one pint is taken during donation. It is later separated into three components.

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Double Red Cell Donations

By donating exclusively red blood cells, you can help fulfill the transfusion needs of two patients.

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Platelet Donations

Platelets are essential for blood clotting and often used by patients with bleeding disorders such as leukemia and aplastic anemia.

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